Readers Reactions To “Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind”

As Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind was in the process of being published, a question went through my mind. The question was this, “Sure my friends and family like it, but will anyone else?”

Now, two months after publication, I have heard responses from people who read the book that have no connection to me. I have heard stories about how the book’s themes have touched someone, how someone loved the writing style, and which story was liked most – and each story has now been someone’s favorite.

While I hoped readers would enjoy Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind, the stories I’m hearing are exciting. Grandparents are reading it to their grandchildren. Friends are giving it to friends. A roommate picked it up off a coffee table out of boredom – and she was not able to put it back down until she finished reading it.

One reader started laughing on an airplane. The man sitting next to him asked what he was reading. The reader said, “It’s a children’s book by a counselor.” The man next to him looked at the reader questioningly, and so the reader gave the man the book and told him to read the story. The man read the story, laughed as well, then he said that he had children of his own, and that the book would be perfect for them.

One reader said that he’s read the book three times, and that the stories helped him work through some issues. One woman found herself too afraid to keep reading. I reminded her that the beginning poem in the book says, “You might get scared along the way, but I promise everything turns out okay.” So she decided to keep reading, and I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of the next story.

Some have found themselves getting chills, not scary chills, but the kind of chills you get when something touches you. Some have found themselves crying for the same reason.

How do I feel about the responses? More excited than you can imagine. Plus I’m just happy people are reading it. I can’t count the number of books on my bookshelf that I have yet to read; some of which I never will. We all have those books. They stare at us as we walk by. We try not to notice them. Thankfully, people are not only buying Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind, they’re reading it as well… and even sharing the book with others.

As the book reaches new readers, I can’t wait to hear more stories. If you happen to read this blog, and have read Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind, I would love to hear your story.

You can leave a comment here, or email it to me through my website:

I look forward to hearing from you


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