Why Only Hardback?

MaThinking-Monkey-300x274ny readers have asked why “Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind” is available only in hardback. Especially since E-books allow new authors to gain a wider audience because they are cheaper than print, and readers are more apt to give a new author a chance if they don’t have to spend more than $5.00 on a book. Amazon’s E-books are now outselling hardcover and paperback. A number of E-books sold on Amazon have never been printed. Mike Shatzkin, founder and chief executive of the Idea Logical Company, predicts that, “within a decade, fewer than 25 percent of all books sold will be print versions.”

So, why am I only publishing my book in hardback? When I began writing “Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind,” I envisioned it in hardback. The design of the book, and its illustrations, were part of that vision. I knew I was going completely against what anyone would advise me to do, but I pictured my book more as a work of art, and an E-book version would be like a sketch of my idea, rather than the finished product.

The other issue I have with an E-book version is that E-books disappear when the power is turned off. They never make it to a bookshelf. They are not passed from one family member to another, or between friends. They never make it to a half-price bookstore, garage sale, or eBay. They cease to exist.

“Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind,” and the other books in the Monkey Mind Tales series, is what I am leaving behind me. They are my life’s work. When I am long gone from this planet, it is my hope that these books will continue to be passed down, and the only way I can insure the longevity of this series, is for it to exist.

I have a 1908 hardback collection of popular poems that I truly love. It is my hope that in 2116, a hundred year old copy of “Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind” will be sitting on someone’s shelf… or on Mars.


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