The Target Audience


With a title like, “Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind,” and “More Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind,” plus being listed in the “Children’s Section” of online bookstores, you might assume that the “Monkey Mind Tales Book Series” was written for children. It was, but it was also written for the inner child (unfortunately, they don’t have a category for that one).

Each story in the “Monkey Mind Tales Book Series” looks at the side effects of our social structure, how they affect children, and continue to affect them as they grow into adults. I thought long and hard about the writing style I wanted to create for the book. I wanted something that would not only connect with a child, but also with the inner child of an adult. Some say the style I created is Seuss like, or similar to Roald Dahl and Shel Silverstin.

“But, who is your target audience?” they ask me.

“Everyone,” I answer. “It’s like a read-a-long book for an older child or inner child.”

“What? But, you have to have a target audience,” they reply.

I realize this, but there are books written for a specific “target audience,” and then there are books written to create their own audience. I knew I was taking a chance by writing a book series that would appeal to all ages, but the positive reviews and reception my books received has made the chance worth taking.

This very creative book is a collection of short stories that children will enjoy, yet each story has a deeper message for adults.”

“I’m reading this to my children, ages 1-8 & encouraging my teens to read it themselves.”

“… the book was for adults as well as children.”

“I’m 25 and I absolutely loved it.”

“I know it may be meant for children, but I found it very interesting and was thoroughly entertained!”

“This is an excellent book for young children, young adults, and basically anyone.”

So, who is the target audience?


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