The Kindle Version


Last Febuary I wrote a blog titled “Why only hardback?” Funny that this should be the Blog that follows it. My previous blog wrote about how I wanted my book to exist in reality when someone turned their computer, Ipad, Kindle, etc off. I wanted the book to be on a shelf, on a nightstand, or in a box waiting to be taken to a family member, friend, or used bookstore.

This was a noble aspiration but, as my dear friend John told me, “releasing a book only in hardback is like a musician releasing a new album only on CD— no body does that anymore.”

He said that to me a year ago, and I put what he said in the back of my head as I spent the year in a mind-numbingly troubled relationship with Balboa Press, the company that I hired to help me publish my book series. After I fired Balboa Press, and then created my own publishing name (Monkey Mind Tales) to publish under, I hired Howard VanEs, owner of “,” to help me get my book series back on track. During my initial interview with Howard, he told me the same thing as my friend John; that I needed to publish a Kindle version to reach a larger audience of readers.

While this book, and the rest of my series, was written and illustrated to be read as a hardback, Howard managed to convince me that making a Kindle version would make the title more visible to readers. It would also increase the number of reviews I receive on Amazon. I told him I would do it on one condition, that we offer a hardback version to every Kindle book buyer at ½ the cover price (see website for details). This way, anyone who likes the book will have a hardcopy of it to pass down and pass on.

NOTE: The Kindle version has been modified to fit whatever device you are using, and whatever format you decide to read it in. Because of this, the lettering may be different, and the illustrations may be in a different place, or a different size than they are in the hardback. All the more reason to get a hardback after reading it J But, that being said, on Kindle you have the option of enlarging the illustrations so you can see the detail of Tom Fee’s work.

So, check out “Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind” on Kindle. Then buy it in hardback at half off the cover price.

Pass it down and pass it on.


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