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More Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind
is a collection of six illustrated short stories written with the same imaginative and fanciful fervor as its predecessor. Author, Steve Michael Reedy, continues his look at the puzzling world of humans by taking you on another enlightening journey filled with fantasy and wonder.

In the book, Tilly Tiller and Cropper Roo meet a chef who wants to cook for their town, but they soon learn there’s a hidden cost and a secret behind her dancing purple hippos. James lives in a town run by a giant clock, and he sets off on a journey to stop time. Jordy Fin discovers he can change his world with a thought, and he learns just how powerful thoughts can be. Katie awakens to find that her town has been asleep for years, and she begins waking people up to ask what’s real and what’s a dream. Piper must face a hoard of pink fuzzy bunnies to save herself and her friends from a device that could ruin their town. Max is having trouble fitting into a town full of nutty people, until he discovers a hidden connection that he shares with everyone.

Reedy continues the use of his far-flung whimsy, delightful prose, and unique humor to examine themes that are universal to children, adolescents, and adults alike. As you journey through each tale, Reedy’s engaging insight and quirky imagery will leave you feeling elated and inspired from the trip.

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